Water Projects

The Challenge – Lack of access to a clean water source and poor sanitation are the major contributory factors to poor health outcomes, with the majority of the population having no access to improved drinking water or improved sanitation facilities.  These challenges – made even more devastating by historical and ongoing environmental damage and climate related woes – prompted the Bayat Foundation to add these priorities to its mission in recent years.

The Bayat Foundation Responds – Recent projects include the completion of four new water wells in Dashte-e-Barchi, and Arzan – Qemat areas of Kabul, Afghanistan, and the celebration of Earth Day in April 2010 which saw the Foundation support female students of Soorya & Rabea-e-Balkhi high schools to plant flowers and trees to bring more green to their schoolyards.  The Foundation anticipates that Afghanistan’s environmental and water-related needs will continue to grow in the months ahead and welcomes donor support of such critical initiatives.