Winter Aid Program 2013

Helmand immegrants in Kabul province 47

Last year, Afghanistan suffered the coldest and snowiest winter most Afghans had experienced in their lifetimes. Thousands of at-risk Afghan families lacked firewood and heating oil, and children froze without blankets or warm clothes.


In response, the Bayat Foundation – as we have done with your generous support since 2006 – sent teams across the nation distributing blankets, warm shoes, heavy coats, gloves, wood, rice, flour, and oil to thousands of Afghan families who found themselves at risk of freezing or starvation. Hundreds of people were kept from perishing with this emergency aid.


We fear there will be another harsh winter in 2013. If so, without adequate outside assistance, there will again be a tragic outcome for many of the country’s most vulnerable children and mothers who don’t have money for food, fuel, blankets, and clothes to survive the frigid winter.

To help those in need, the Bayat Foundation is pleased to announce its “Let’s Keep Afghanistan Warm For The Winter” fundraising campaign. The Bayat Foundation will match, dollar for dollar, the first $100,000 donated by the international community for this important cause.

Please join us in this effort by sending your contribution before November 25th. We are busy buying and moving Winter Aid supplies to Afghanistan before the cold weather sets in and makes passage across the difficult terrain and rough roads impossible.

Thanks for your support and generosity. 100% of your contribution will go to buy relief supplies. Remember, even small amounts can make a big difference in Afghanistan: $100 buys blankets for a family of six, or provides enough food for 1 month, or buys enough firewood and cooking oil to allow a family to survive a month of freezing temperatures.

Please call 1-904-686-1470 and make a donation that we will match. Or you can visit us on the web at:, and click on “Make A Donation.” If easier, you to can send a cheque to the address below:  


Bayat Foundation

P.O. Box 2777,

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

USA 32004

Together we can make a difference and help save the lives of Afghan children this winter.