The Bayat Group Commits to Supporting Bali Process and Launching Comprehensive Anti-Slavery and Anti-Human Trafficking Education Programs


Kabul, Afghanistan—April 17, 2018—The Bayat Group (, one of Afghanistan’s largest, private, business and philanthropic organizations, announced today that it has published its inaugural Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement (, as part of its support for The Bali Process Government and Business Forum, an international forum established to bring the private and public sector together to address the challenges related to People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime.

The Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement issued by The Bayat Group declares that, “Slavery, Servitude, Forced Labour, and Human Trafficking (Modern Slavery), are issues of global concern…affecting all regions and economies.”

As part of its commitment as detailed in its published statement opposing Slavery and Human Trafficking, The Bayat Group – in 2019 – will launch a robust corporate and public education campaign to explain the dangers of Slavery and Human Trafficking. Employees of The Bayat Group will receive intense training on the subjects of Modern Slavery Awareness, Identification and Mitigation.

The Bayat Group will also develop a series of public service announcements, which will help educate the general public about the dangers of modern day slavery and human trafficking.

“The Bayat Group is committed to respecting and protecting the human rights of all, and we are proud to be the first Afghan organization to publish a Modern Slavery Statement,” said Dr. Ehsan Bayat, The Chairman of The Bayat Group and the Co-Founder of The Bayat Foundation. “Modern slavery is a hidden crime that affects every country; it permeates all economic sectors and no country or industry is immune,” Dr. Bayat said.  “ We are honored to support the work of international organizations, such as the Bali Process Government and Business Forum in Afghanistan and elsewhere, so that together, we can strive to protect the freedom and dignity of vulnerable people around the world.”


About The Bayat Group:

The Bayat Group (, is Afghanistan’s largest private employer, business group and philanthropic organization. Since 2002, The Bayat Group has led the effort to responsibly and sustainably develop Afghanistan’s Information, Communications, Technology and Energy Sectors, via Afghan Wireless (the founder of Afghanistan’s wireless communications sector, with more than 5,000,000 subscribers); Bayat Energy (the largest Afghan-owned Energy Development Company); Ariana Television and Radio (one of the largest private media channels in Afghanistan); and Ariana Network Services (ANS).  For more information, please email

About the Bali Process Government and Business Foru

In 2017, the Bali Process Government and Business Forum ( was launched as a strategic platform for collaboration between influential business leaders and senior ministers from across 45 countries in the Indo-Pacific. It is a regional forum for policy dialogue, information sharing and practical cooperation between the private and public sectors in order to combat the crimes of modern slavery.  For more information, please email