The Bayat Foundation Announces Construction of a New Maternity and Surgical Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan

Four-Floor, 25,000 Square Foot Facility To Provide Afghanistan With Advanced Surgical, Maternal, Pediatric Treatment and Cancer Care

The Bayat Foundationannounced Tuesday that the Foundation will begin construction of a four-floor 25,000 square foot Maternity and Surgical Hospital, which will be located in Kabul City.

The launch of the new Maternity and Surgical Hospital was formalized during a November 7, 2017 signing ceremony attended by senior executives of The Bayat Foundation, members of Parliament and representatives of the Afghanistan Ministry of Health.

The new Maternity and Surgical Hospital, a cooperative project of The Bayat FoundationMatter and the Afghanistan Ministry of Health, will provide the most advanced levels of Surgical, Maternal, Pediatric and Cancer treatment available in Afghanistan and the immediate region.

The new Maternity and Surgical Hospital will have four specialist healthcare centers:

  • Women’s Surgical Theater (with a special focus on fistula treatment and recovery)
  • Pediatric Audiology Clinic
  • Endoscopy Clinic
  • Women’s Cancer Clinic

These four specialized healthcare capabilities, in addition to the Hospital’s Blood Bank, will be able to provide highly specific treatments which are currently unavailable from other hospitals and healthcare centers in Afghanistan.  The Women’s Surgical Center will be Afghanistan’s leading healthcare center that will provide diagnosis and treatment for Obstetric Fistula, a devastating childbirth injury which can occur when women give birth without hospital facilities, or medically trained attendants.  The condition renders women incontinent, which can result in physical or social harm to those suffering from the affliction.

In addition to specialized surgical treatments, the Hospital’s Women’s Cancer Center will provide essential screening, diagnosis and treatment  which will address—and reduce—the rising levels of Cervical Cancer among Afghan women.

“The new Maternity and Surgical Hospital, when it is complete, will be the most modern, advanced and capable medical facility in Afghanistan,” said Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat, the Co-Chairman of the Bayat Foundation. “We look forward to the day that the new Maternity and Surgical Hospital is open and we can begin providing healthcare to the people who need it most.”

“Our Foundation has built or refurbished twelve hospitals which have treated over two million patients.  But despite the progress made by our Foundation and other organizations, we still face great challenges in providing healthcare in Afghanistan, especially to Afghan women,” said Mrs. Fatema Bayat, the Co-Founder of the Bayat Foundation. “The new Maternity and Surgical Hospital is a strong and much needed step in our efforts to provide women—and all Afghanistan—with the best healthcare possible.”