Second Jobs Fair Effort Yields Job Offers and Success For University Graduates

Kabul, Afghanistan—May 7, 2018—The Bayat Foundation (, Afghanistan’s largest, private, non-profit Health, Education and Social Development Organization, demonstrated its strong and unshakable commitment to helping develop an Afghan economy that can provide jobs for all Afghans, with the successful completion of its second “Bright Futures Jobs Fair,” which was held on April 30, 2018 at the Bayat Media Center in Kabul.

The Bright Futures Jobs Fair brought together leading Afghan businesses and recent university graduates for the purpose of providing the university graduates with information about each company participating in the jobs fair, as well as an opportunity to apply for internship and employment positions with each company.

Approximately 100 university graduates attended the April 30th Jobs Fair, where they had the opportunity to meet with executives from Afghan companies operating in a diverse range of industries, including the Telecom, Media, Energy, Education and legal sectors. The second Bright Futures Jobs Fair ended on a strong and successful note, with employment offers extended to a significant number of the university graduates participating in the Jobs Fair program.

The Bright Futures Jobs Fair represents a vital part of the multi-year Afghan economic development program sponsored by Bright Futures Afghanistan, a consortium of four Afghan  non-profit organizations: The Bayat Foundation, Cordaid (, the 1% Club (, and the Hamika Baramaki Organization for the Rule of Law ( Bright Futures is a five-year program designed to teach important business skills to Afghan entrepreneurs and to create a thriving Afghan private sector of small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s), capable of providing thousands of employment opportunities to Afghans—especially Afghan youth.

“We’re proud of every graduate who participated in the second Bright Futures Jobs Fair, and we wish them all tremendous success,” said Dr. Ehsanollah Bayat, the Co-Founder and Chairman of The Bayat Foundation.

“We want our young men and women to be able to stay in Afghanistan, to thrive in Afghanistan and to contribute their talents to the rebuilding of our country,” Dr. Bayat said. “It’s absolutely critical that the Bayat Foundation and the other members of Bright Futures Afghanistan, work to build a new Afghan economy that supports entrepreneurship and the creation of new businesses that can provide jobs, opportunity and hope to all Afghan men, women, children, and families.”