Saving Lives with Solar Energy

afghan solar logo

We are thrilled to announce that Afghan Solar will be donating and installing $30,000 worth of solar power equipment for the Bayat Foundation. We will use this donation at select Bayat Foundation hospitals in Afghanistan to power the equipment used to save patients’ lives. The equipment donated by Afghan Solar will ensure that our hospitals have a reliable and consistent source of power, will reduce our operating costs, and will help Afghanistan’s environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

Afghan Solar was established in 2003, first and the largest Solar Company in Afghanistan with the aim of providing solar power solutions throughout the country. The Company is 100% Afghan owned and managed.

Afghan Solar has expertise in various types of Power Solutions from basic home lighting systems to complicated Telecom & Office Solar Power Solutions. The Company is equipped and capable to provide end to end complete power solutions anywhere in Afghanistan and believes in after sales services and availability of spares at all times. Furthermore, the Company has invested in significant inventory levels to ensure quick deliveries and replacement when needed.

Clients include from the most basic home/office users to Telecom Operators who use very complicated equipment. Afghan Solar has helped power up the lives of millions in Afghanistan and will continue to do so for decades to come.

Thanks to the donation of equipment from Afghan Solar, the Bayat Foundation will be able to provide even better treatment to the Afghan women and children who turn to us when they are ill or injured. The Bayat Foundation is proud to be working with Afghan Solar to make a brighter future for Afghanistan.

For more information regarding this project, please contact Jill Ketron at or at 904-686-1470.