Refurbishing and Supply Donation of Tahya Maskan Orpanage and Learning Center – Parwin District, Kabul

mt_galleryThe Tahya Maskan Orphanage & Learning Center, located in the northwestern part of Kabul in the Parwin District, was repaired and refurbished. Prior to this upgrade, homeless children who have lost their parents that attended school with puddles of water inside the classroom and cracked walls among other structural needs. Bayat Foundation Executive Director, Fatema Bayat, visited the school and saw the need for assistance first-hand. Soon after when this project was completed, high ranking authorities from the Ministry of Social Affairs visited the school to acknowledge the work that was accomplished by Bayat Foundation. This project was made possible by the contributions from caring donors in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The Bayat Foundation also distributed school equipment, notebooks, and financial assistance to students and administrators.