Ramadan 2019

The Bayat Foundation, Afghanistan, largest, private and non-profit organization, once again demonstrated its heartfelt commitment to nourish and support the lives of Afghan families by distributing pre-packaged food items to families during the month of Ramadan.

Every year, the Bayat Foundation’s Ramadan Food Aid Program provides pre-packaged food items to hundreds of poor and destitute families in Kabul and neighbouring regions. The Bayat Foundation’s staff and volunteesr identify and survey those most in need and provide them with aid packages.

With your generous help, the Bayat Foundation distributed food packages -including flour, macaroni, oil, beans, sugar, tea, rice and Food4Kidz packages – to 210 families. The Bayat Foundation distributed these items to 100 of the identified families at the Khatamul Anbeya Mosque and the remaining 110 identified families received their food supplies at the Bayat Clinic.