Earth Day Afghanistan Donation to Soorya & Rabea-e-Balkhi High Schools in Kabul

mt_galleryAfter decades of conflict and war, much of Afghanistan’s once verdant landscape has deteriorated to little more than dust. In honor of Earth Day and as part of its ongoing efforts to revive Afghanistan’s once green and bountiful environment, the Bayat Foundation – along with the generous support of its donors – gave children from the Soorya and Rabea-e-Balkhi High Schools School in Kabul flowers and trees to plant that will provide benefits for years to come. The Bayat Foundation is dedicated to helping rebuild Afghanistan and supporting youth and families through various green initiatives. Although sweeping deforestation cannot be remedied in a single day, Earth Day Afghanistan symbolizes the global community’s dedication to the youth and prosperity of the country.

The female students of these two high schools planted flowers and small trees in the yard of their school courtyards.