Current Projects

Healthcare & Women

  • To support the ongoing commitment of the Bayat Foundation to help support women and children, the Bayat Foundation plans to provide additional hospital equipment for maternity clinics.

Families in Need

  • Family Sponsorships: There are currently 102 families that the Bayat Foundation has united with a sponsor. Each month, families in need in Afghanistan receive $50 USD from their sponsor that go towards their basic living expenses. We have received testimonies from many families who noted that thanks to this program, their children can now go to school instead of working or begging in the streets. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, please e-mail
  • Winter Aid Packages: Every Winter, the Bayat Foundation visits various provinces and delivers much needed materials to families in need to help them survive during harsh winter months. Starting October 15th, we will start preparing for our Winter Aid Package deliveries (sweatshirts, blankets, flour, oil, warm shoes, and in certain areas – tents, etc). If you are interested in helping us with this initiative, please send us your contribution before November 15th. On your check, please write “Winter Aid Package”.


  • Construction for a girls school in Herat is underway. More details will be posted soon.

To make a donation to support initiatives like these, you can make a donation by clicking here or sending a check or money order to P.O. Box 2777, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004.