Afghan Children Overjoyed by the Ability to Hear

DSC00016ccAfganastan Day 2 Kabul Oct 22

The Bayat Foundation is proud to have worked with the Starkey Foundation to bring hearing to over 600 deaf children in Afghanistan. In an event attended by Bayat Foundation founders Ehsanollah and Fatema Laya Bayat,  Afghan children received hearing aids and other humanitarian relief.

Those in attendance were moved to see the joy the children felt upon hearing the sounds of the world around them. Bayat Foundation representatives found it impossible not to be moved by the looks on the faces of children, and Mr. and Mrs. Bayat found the entire experience very uplifting, and an excellent reminder of the importance of the Bayat Foundation’s mission to not only help Afghanistan in general, but to bring relief to the more marginalized people in the country.

One Afghan boy shared with us that his lifelong dream had been to hear his mother speak his name, a dream which has now come true.

It is our hope that as these children continue to hear music, laughter, and the voices of their loved ones, they will continue to experience such joy.

DSC00003ccAfganastan Day 2 Kabul Oct 22