Our Story

Since 2006, the Bayat Foundation has helped rebuild Afghanistan as well as deliver hope and support to the neediest and most at-risk Afghans. By providing food and clothing; maternity care for women before and during childbirth and to newborn babies; orphan care and education; competitive sports to challenge the youth; and entrepreneurship programs for widows, women and youth, the Foundation’s goal is to rekindle a healthy and hopeful base so that all Afghans have the opportunity to prosper.

Each of these Bayat Foundation programs is generously supported by a number of individual donors from many countries around the world.

To ensure quality in each of its core programs, the Bayat Foundation seeks – and is responsive to – input from the local community in the preliminary planning phase and throughout implementation.

Bayat Foundation assistance and aid is provided to the needy, displaced, orphaned and handicapped in Afghanistan regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or religion.

Caring for Families in Need

The Family Sponsorship and Winter Aid programs were launched in 2008 and continue to this day.  Through the Family Sponsorship program, donors have the opportunity to support a family with a modest $50 donation per month to cover necessities.  In many cases, family sponsorship means that the children are able to attend school rather than beg in the streets for food.  Each year – during the coldest months – food, warm clothing, and thousands of blankets are delivered by Bayat Foundation personnel through the Winter Aid program to Afghan people living in the remote provinces.

Maternal and Newborn Care

In the last few years, the Bayat Foundation has constructed health care facilities in eight provinces throughout Afghanistan where formal pregnant and maternal care options did not previously exist.  These facilities, which include maternity clinics and 10 – 150 bed hospitals, now serve hundreds of thousands of women per year free of charge.  The availability and quality of the medical care made available through the Bayat Foundation has helped to reduce the mortality rate for women and newborns throughout Afghanistan.

Education/Schools & Orphanages

The Bayat Foundation has remodeled and refurbished classrooms and dormitories, provided school supplies, constructed new schools and orphanages, libraries and a sports stadium to enable learning and achievement for boys and girls in an orderly and safe environment and to address a nation challenged by illiteracy by educating one student at a time.

The Bayat Foundation helps to educate the Afghan people through public service announcements about personal hygiene, food preparation, respect for youth and elders, and other human rights issues.


The Bayat Foundation has sponsored distance running, bicycle races and walk-a-thons to inspire the youth with competitive and team building experiences, and the first Afghan Olympic medal winner with a training grant.


More and more people in Afghanistan now have access to clean water through Bayat Foundation deep well-digging initiatives.

Emergency Relief/Disaster Response

The Bayat Foundation has assisted the victims of floods and avalanche by providing food, clothing, medical aid, and other essential support in the aftermath of such disasters.

Empowering Women Grants

In 2010 the Bayat Foundation launched the Empowering Women Grant and awarded one each in the amount of $10,000 to expand their activities:

  1. BPeace
  2. Justice for All Organization
  3. Women for Women International

Public/Private Partnerships

The Bayat Foundation hosted the first Afghan Symposium for Humanitarian and Leadership Engagement in June 2009 in Washington, DC attended by 125 leaders from the U.S.A., Canada and Afghanistan.   Under the leadership of the Bayat Foundation, the Afghan Trusted Network project was then launched and is supported daily by League for Hope and NC4 Corporation to encourage collaboration between humanitarian and other leadership organizations for quality of life and livelihoods for the people of Afghanistan.