Our Chairman


Since coming to the United States in 1980, Ehsan Bayat has returned to his native country of Afghanistan to establish several successful businesses and a thriving nonprofit organization. Bayat came to the United States to complete his education at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. Following the fall of the Taliban, Ehsan Bayat sought to improve communications for citizens across Afghanistan by initiating Telephone Systems International (TSI).. Together with the Afghan Ministry of Communications, TSI currently owns and operates the first and largest mobile phone company in Afghanistan, Afghan Wireless. In addition to these enterprises, Ehsan Bayat also founded the Ariana Radio and Television Networks, which broadcast to large audiences in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

In addition to establishing communications companies, Ehsan Bayat has contributed to the development of Afghanistan through the Bayat Foundation. Founded in 2006, the Bayat Foundation strives to improve living conditions for people across Afghanistan by providing food, clothing, orphan care, entrepreneurship programs, athletics, and much more. Many of the programs organized by Ehsan Bayat and the Foundation focus on procuring clean water sources, a vital requirement for sustained health and future prosperity. The Bayat Foundation works in conjunction with several non-governmental organizations to carry out these various initiatives. Ehsan Bayat continues to play a central role within the organization as the Chairman of the Board and has recently been awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Humanitarian Award for his ongoing service. Throughout his career, Bayat has earned numerous other awards and accolades, including recognition as Businessman of the Year from the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce and the Human Rights National Award from the Afghanistan Human Rights Association.