Friends of the Foundation

Friends of the Bayat Foundation are policy, business, community and humanitarian leaders from around the world who share a common interest to support the rebuilding of Afghanistan.

Friends support the Bayat Foundation in service or by advocating one or more of its programs to facilitate quality of life, opportunities and partnerships for the Afghan people today, preparing a new generation of Afghan leaders for tomorrow.


Robert L. Livingston
President, The Livingston Group, LLC
US Congressman – Retired (LA – 1st, 1977-1999)

“The more we can provide concentrated resources for the benefit and welfare of the Afghan people, the sooner we can achieve a sense of stability in that region of the world.”


Doris Buffett
Founder and President
Sunshine Lady Foundation

“The Afghan women I have met and worked with have my whole hearted respect and admiration. Although I am 80 years old, I hope during my lifetime to see them take their place under the sun as first class citizens, well-educated, free to use their talents to help free their country from despots. I am happy  to become a Friend of the Bayat Foundation which supports the aims I embrace. “


Amb. Said Tayeb Jawad
Chairman, Foundation for Afghanistan and Former Afghan Ambassador to the United States (2003 – 2010)

“The Bayat Foundation is holding the fragile hands of thousands of needy and innocent women and children in some of the most deprived and remote provinces of Afghanistan through its timely and efficient humanitarian assistance programs. The Foundation community outreach programs that mobilize and motivate our young generation and provide our citizens with schools, libraries, orphanages, clinics, safe drinking water, sport facilities and shelter have introduced for the first time the noble concept of nation-wide, organized philanthropic outreach in Afghanistan. Chairman Ehsan Bayat is the pioneer philanthropist of Afghanistan”.


Caroline Firestone
Founder, New Hudson Foundation

“I founded the New Hudson Foundation to work with the people and institutions of Afghanistan, including the Bayat Foundation, because the more I know the Afghan people, the more I want to support their country and their extraordinary love for one another.”


Heidi Kuhn
Founder and CEO, Roots of Peace

“Since 2001, Roots of Peace has been deeply committed towards helping to heal the wounds of war in Afghanistan by expanding our MINES TO VINES initiative – replacing the scourge of 100,000 landmines and unexploded ordnance and impacting over 100,000 Afghan farmers to grow sustainable alternative agricultural crops to poppies. By nurturing the soil we nurture the soul. We are honored to join with Friends of the Bayat Foundation to further their vision uniting in one common mission to support the rebuilding of Afghanistan.”